The Searchers are now a third of their way into their three month long Farewell Tour, which runs until 31 March.  I am sure that, very sad as we all really are, we appreciate that after 56 years of continuous touring (albeit with a few personnel changes) they so deserve time to enjoy their personal lives at a slower pace, and we are all grateful to have had such superb entertainment and friendship for so long.

See here for details of the itinerary, which has just been updated to show that a very large number of the venues have already sold out, and a lot more only have a few seats left. So if you haven’t already done so, don’t delay booking your tickets or you will be very disappointed at missing out on seeing the “boys” for the very last time.

We have just put the new (February) issue of Frank Allen’s own newsletter on line.  In it talks amongst other things about the Farewell Tour, his new penthouse home, and some TV appearances/recordings they have made recently, one of which (for The One Show) when he and John were taken on a tour around 60s haunts in Liverpool) is still awaiting broadcast and we don’t have the date for that yet.  If we don’t know until the last minute, I’ll let you know how to catch it on the BBC iPlayer.

He also mentions the new double CD which was released on the BMG label a month ago and got to Number 26 in the album charts.  It is called “The Searchers - The Farewell Album – The Greatest Hits And More”.  It is a compilation of hits, album tracks and B-sides from the 60s, plus a few more recent recordings.  It is available on line from the likes of Amazon etc.

Frank’s very detailed 2009 hardback book
The Searchers And Me is still in print.  It is ONLY available direct from Aureus Publishing - from the above link, read all about it and follow the instructions to place an order. Click here for a message from Frank, which includes a whole chapter from the book which we hope will encourage you to buy it.  If you bring your copy along to a show, Frank will be pleased to autograph it for you.

And if you’ve never read Frank’s first book “Travelling Man - On The Road With The Searchers” (originally published in hardback in 1999 and now out of print) - it is now available as an electronic version to download for Kindles etc from various Amazon sites worldwide.

Could I again remind those of you who go direct to the most popular webpages, without going via the Home page, that there are some comprehensive articles about the Searchers’ career accessible from links down the left hand side of that page: These include three very comprehensive “history” pages and very detailed coverage - with plenty of pictures - of their guitars and other stage equipment.  There are technical reasons why these additional links are only available from the home page, but unless you sometimes access the site via there, you’re missing at least half of all the website has to offer.

1st Feb