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I’m pleased to report that the Searchers arrived safely in Australia earlier this week, where they will be touring until 12 March.  Full details are on the dates list, and I look forward to hearing from some of you who will be at the shows.

The first night in Perth the boys were deliciously wined and dined by Clyde and Lesley Bevan of the Friends Restaurant, where they had performed on some occasions in the past.. It was lovely for them all to catch up again.  Also in this picture with Clyde and Lesley is John Ryan (sitting next to John McNally) a very long time friend of John’s from the early days in Liverpool, who has lived in Australia for many years now and acts as the boys’ tour manager on their trips down under.

If you haven’t already done so, do check out the most recent (mid January) issue of Frank Allen’s own newsletter on line. He started on a very sad note by talking about the death. after some years of illness, of his and the Searchers’ longtime friend, Peter Sarstedt, with whom they toured many times in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of us, myself included, will remember this very talented man with affection.  RIP Peter.  So many of our 60s singers have died in the last year, and we had hoped that 2017 would have started a bit better.

On a more cheerful note he went on to mention a recent report about the hardest working bands in the UK (where the Searchers were listed third, behind two other acts which surely can’t match their schedule), and his own birthday celebrations at The Ivy in December.  As usual, there are some more Questions and Answers at the end, and yours would be welcome especially if they are on a subject that hasn’t been asked before.   Frank will hopefully write a new issue in due course, about the Australian tour. 

The dates list, includes all the UK shows confirmed so far up to the end of September.  Some of you already know that The Searchers will be part of another Sixties Gold tour in the autumn, also featuring Gerry & the Pacemakers (Gerry’s farewell tour apparently), Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Vanity Fare and Steve Ellis (of Love Affair).  Although I believe that a few shows are already on sale, I’m afraid the promoters don’t want to release the full schedule until they are all confirmed.  Of course, as soon as I have them, I will put them on line, so do check the list regularly until they are there.  It is very reassuring that as bookings are already being negotiated for 2018, the dreaded subject of retirement isn’t yet on the horizon!  

The night before the boys left for Australia, I saw them at the Mill at Sonning, a beautiful old converted water mill on the banks of the Thames near Reading.  Following a very nice dinner in the restaurant we moved into the small and very intimate theatre.  The stage is only about 4 inches high, and you can see from this photo that the centre front row seats (where I and my friends were sitting) are almost on the stage.  It’s almost like having a Searchers concert in your own front room!

Frank’s very detailed 2009 hardback book The Searchers And Me is still in print.  It is ONLY available direct from Aureus Publishing - from the above link, read all about it and follow the instructions to place an order. Click here for a message from Frank, which includes a whole chapter from the book which we hope will encourage you to buy it.  If you bring your copy along to a show, Frank will be pleased to autograph it for you.

And if you’ve never read Frank’s first book “Travelling Man - On The Road With The Searchers” (originally published in hardback in 1999 and now out of print) - it is now available as an electronic version to download for Kindles etc from various Amazon sites worldwide.

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3 February

Wendy Burton
    Website Editor/Co-ordinator