HK (Hughes & Kettner) Audio Projector 3600w active PA system (2 stacks per side)

4 x Monitors: HK Audio Premium PRO15 XA 600w RMS professional active loudspeakers (3 active, 1 passive )

2 x Infills: HK Audio Premium PRO8 300w RMS professional loudspeakers (1 active, 1 passive)

(Infills add an extra 600w, making total out-front power 3900w)

Desk: Allen & Heath GL2400, 32 channels

Vocal mics: Shure SM58s

Drum mics: various, mainly by AKG

Boss DI boxes for acoustic guitars and guitar synthesizer

Van Damme multicore Effects: 2 Alesis microverbs,

1 Yamaha SBX 90, Yamaha graphic equalizers


The Searchers don`t have a travelling guitar technician. The band is run on a tight budget and so any changing of strings, tuning etc is done by themselves. If a string breaks their backline roadie John Semark is able to change it while they get on with the show (although he`s not so familiar with the awkward system on the Rickenbacker 12 string) and he tunes Frank's bass before placing it on stage. Generally Spencer and John will tune their own, but occasionally he does it for them and they simply have to check it out quickly to be satisfied.

For repairs and specialist setting up, alterations in the action etc, they have their own contacts. Frank uses Graham Noden who lives near him and who has long been the expert at Andy`s, the vintage guitar shop in Denmark Street, London. John used to use Ted Lee from Stalybridge but as he has since relocated and concentrated more on college lectures John has found a good Liverpool-based replacement. Spencer's guitar technician is John Haire from Peterborough.